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How Can a Claimant
Afford an Attorney?

It’s a common misconception to think that a lawyer’s help is beyond reach.


Nearly all Social Security and SSI disability claimants are unemployed. Because of this, many claimants (and those trying to help them) believe that appropriate legal help is unaffordable. It’s a common misconception to think that a lawyer’s help is beyond reach.

It would be ideal if disability applications and appeals were simple enough to do alone. Success rates show that this is not the case. The new electronic records implemented by Social Security have made some things even more complicated: getting information into the right place in the electronic files is a new hurdle.

Claim denials are rising nationally, and having a skilled and experienced advocate has become even more important. We will obtain the necessary medical reports and records, and submit them to the right office.

It’s an overwhelming process, especially if you are sick. Here are some of the mistakes we see unrepresented claimants making:

  • Believing Social Security will gather all necessary records for them
  • Thinking a simple letter from a doctor saying they are disabled is enough to prevail
  • Missing appeal deadlines

We have been working in this area of law for many years. We know the local people, the rules and laws. We will work with your client to form a winning strategy. We may also be able to obtain a larger back benefit for a claimant by re-opening a prior claim.

But how can a claimant, who is disabled and in financial distress, afford to hire a lawyer? We represent claimants on a contingency fee basis. The fee - 25% of the back benefit obtained for the claimant - is set by federal regulation and must be approved by Social Security.

The claimant does not have to pay attorney fees unless and until the case is won, and benefits are paid.

If the claimant is indigent and unable to pay for medical records, we will get those records, deferring payment until the claimant receives benefits or other arrangements are made to repay the costs.

We provide a free initial consultation and will review a case at no charge.






Free Disability Seminar
We will conduct a free seminar at your location on how to help clients win SSI and Social Security disability cases.

  • What is SSD vs. SSI?
  • When does Medicare or Medicaid start?

How to develop claims based on topics such as:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Back and Neck Conditions
  • Mental Impairments
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Any other topic of interest to your group

Call our office to schedule your FREE seminar or visit our website.

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