Archive | July, 2017

What to Expect at an Administrative Judge Hearing

The administrative judge hearing is the last administrative stage in a Social Security or SSI appeal. It takes well over a year, possibly more, to get a hearing after the hearing request. Hearings are meant to be informal, fact-finding procedures. The people present at the hearing are the claimant and the attorney, the judge and […]

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The Effect of Side Effects

People with disabilities are necessarily on medications to manage their symptoms, no matter what the medical or psychiatric symptoms. Often these medications have side effects that are nearly as troublesome as the original symptoms, but are necessary for lessening or containing the illness – think of chemotherapy. Many have side effects such as fatigue and […]

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Reduced Productivity Should be Documented in a Claim

There are many ways to prove that someone cannot hold a job and is thus disabled. For example, they may meet the regulations for a physical or psychological disability. This means the medical evidence in the file meets the requirements of the regulations that Social Security sets. If a claimant cannot meet a these rules, […]

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