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Benefit Decisions Delays Can Mean Death Before Payment

CBS in Chicago weighs in on the practical results of all the delays in benefit decisions – even for the terminally ill, whose cases are supposed to be fast-tracked. Numbers re abstract, real people aren’t. Laurie Mickelberg is a 49-year-old who needs her Social Security disability benefits now. She qualifies for them because she is […]

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New Rules on Acceptable Medical Evidence

Here are a few Social Security disability rule changes set to go into effect in the next few weeks. • Acceptable medical sources. Under the new medical evidence rules, the list of acceptable medical sources has been expanded to include: advance practice registered nurses (APRNs), licensed audiologists, licensed optometrists and physician assistants (PAs). While this […]

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What’s Up With These Waiting Periods?

Often we hear from people who believe they need to wait a certain amount of time before applying for disability benefits. Nothing could be further from the truth. Time frames are both extremely important and very confusing in Social Security claims. Anyone with a disabling condition which is expected to last for at least a […]

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