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Why Are Details Important in Medical Records?

The proof in disability claims begins with the objective medical findings in the treating physician’s records. Office notes are often given more evidentiary weight than ANY narrative reports because they are made at the time of the visit and are seen as more reliable. For Social Security disability, however, the focus is on the ability […]

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Prostate Cancer Can be a Disabling Condition

Prostate cancer can be considered a disability by the Social Security Administration for those afflicted with the disease, provided that they are not working at what is deemed to be a “substantially gainful activity” level — which in 2014 is pegged at $1070/month. Also, the disabiluity must last or be expected to last for twelve […]

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Children’s Benefit – More Than it Seems

It’s common knowledge that child gets a dependent’s beneficiary check in an SSDI disability claim if a parent is found to be disabled. A child also draws a benefit in the case of a deceased worker. But here is one other way children can be supported by Social Security. An adult who disabled before age […]

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