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Limits in Manual Dexterity Add to Disability Picture

We take the use of our hands for granted – nearly every task requires full use of the hands. If you have “manipulative limitations” caused by injury or pain, be aware that this can be an important component of a disability claim. While more obvious in situations involving a condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome […]

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Can You Re-Open Old Disability Claims?

It is sometimes possible to re-open prior disability claims as part of a new claim, if a medical condition has been ongoing. Social Security may not do this automatically. Doing this for a client may gain many months or even years of past-due benefits. The medical evidence MUST clearly support the earlier disability period. Unrepresented […]

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Disabilities Can Often Be Invisible

This is an excerpt from a recent blog post from a woman who provides free bag lunches for homeless people in Santa Cruz CA: “Some disabilities are invisible; I’ve found out about them only by talking with people. There are homeless people with neurological conditions: a young man with autism sleeps in the park and […]

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