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Sequestration’s Human Effect on Social Security

Sequestration’s mandatory budget cuts are scheduled to take effect on Friday, March 1, 2013. The press has reported that “Social Security will not be affected.” This is not completely accurate. It is true that the payment of benefits will not be affected. However, the sequestration cuts will affect all other aspects of SSA, including the […]

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No More Checks by Mail

Just a reminder – starting March 1, there will be no more checks from Social Security by mail. As noted in the Disability Scoop: In just a few short weeks, the government plans to stop issuing paper checks to all Social Security beneficiaries, including people with disabilities who receive Supplemental Security Income. As of March […]

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Chart of Waiting Times for a Hearing By Location

The Social Security Administration reports a slower average hearing processing time at the end of 2012. Disability allowances also declined compared to previous years, according to Allsup, a nationwide provider of Social Security Disability Insurance information. Both developments underscore the importance of seeking representation early in the Social Security disability application process. In the first […]

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