Archive | October, 2012

New York Times Analyzes Issues with SSI Disability

From today’s New York Times: Discussion of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs has been at the forefront of election-year debate. But there has been no discussion of S.S.I. The fact is that expenditures for the S.S.I. program are rising while the economic status of disabled people is on the decline. The very program that […]

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Mailed Social Security Account Statements Suspended

From the Federal Times: Tight money has again led the Social Security Administration to halt the mailing of all paper statements of earnings and benefits to millions of Americans. These are the handy documents that give you an idea of what to expect in terms of Social Security retirement or disability income. The latest suspension, […]

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Claimant Reflects on Applying for Disability

From Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune: “I wonder how anyone pulls off a fraudulent disability claim. The process is daunting, with mounds of paperwork; letters and forms from multiple physicians explaining your disability; painful statements from friends and family about how your disability affects not only you, but them; access to all medical records; a required […]

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