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Record Gathering Streamlined

Part of the delay in any disability claim is the time it takes to get medical records from physicians and hospitals. This new initiative and others like it will streamline the process by getting records to decision makers in a timely manner; A new partnership between the Social Security Administration and Kaiser Permanente should speed […]

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Disabled unfairly blamed for growth in unemployment

Today’s Houston Chronicle carrries an article by Houston attorney Marc Whitehead about rising disability application rates: In a recent article published in Forbes magazine, “Add Disability to Obama’s Anti-Jobs Policies,” contributing writer Paul Roderick Gregory claims that “disability is the new normal” and a factor in the nation’s slow job growth. I wholeheartedly disagree with […]

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SSA Stores Millions of Data Points

Although the information technology used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is meant to be a way of serving the public, it also tracks millions of Americans as it gathers data and statistics. Most Americans are not aware of how the SSA information technology probes into their lives. By January 2011, the 22 internet-based electronic […]

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