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Federal Budget Woes Add to Delay in Processing Social Security Disability Benefits

The Federal Budget drama has spiraled many effects through the economy. States cut Medicaid budgets and other safety-net services, and even Social Security feels the effect. In the Washington Post today, we read Lisa Rein’s article about rising applications and falling resources to process them. ” Claims for Social Security and disability benefits have grown […]

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The Economist Quotes Our Colleague Tom Scully

From t March 10, The Economist: THOMAS SCULLY has a busy law office in Lake County, Indiana. He mainly practices disability law, with good reason. Lake County is home to steel mills. Workers have aching backs and hands warped by machinery. Mr Scully helps them win Social Security Disability Insurance (DI), which provides cash and, […]

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Public Worries About Social Security’s Future

In today’s Washington Post: “More than eight in 10 Americans now see the country‚Äôs Social Security system as headed for a crisis, and most think a major overhaul is in order, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Overall, 81 percent of those polled see Social Security as veering severely off-course, up 10 percentage […]

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