Archive | February, 2011

During Heart Month, a Review of Social Security’s Compassionate Allowance Fast-Track

Recently, Social Security held a public Compassionate Allowances hearing on cardiovascular disease. Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue and leading experts on cardiovascular disease met to discuss possible methods to identify disabling cases and expedite those claims for both adults and children. Social Security is committed to ensuring Americans with devastating illnesses receive benefits quickly. The […]

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Unemployment Benefits and/or Social Security Disability?

To apply for Unemployment benefits, you swear you are available for work. In applying for Social Security Disability, you claim that you cannot work. THe question often arises – can you apply for both? Chief Administrative Law Judge Frank A. Cristaudo in a 2009memorandum notes specifically that “the receipt of unemployment benefits is only one […]

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Are Disability Benefits Taxable?

From today’s Chronicle: Millions of Americans received Social Security disability benefits in 2010, and many benefit from private insurance policies. With tax season upon us, many are wondering – “are disability benefits taxable?” “How much is taxable?” “Does repayment to a private insurance carrier factor into tax liability?” Social Security Benefits ARE Taxable If earnings […]

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