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Welcome News About More Electronic Deposits

Today’s Washington Post reports that most Social Security and other federal benefits payments will be made by direct deposit by 2013. We applaud this savings in postage and paper, and also the increased security that it represents – thefts from mailboxes will be a thing of the past. The decision will eliminate about 136 million […]

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Increased Business for SSA: How’s the Customer Service?

The Washington Posts reports on a Congressional hearing checking into customer sService at SSA. It describes a visit to a Social Security offices as “the most inportant encounter most Americans will have with the government.” The Social Security Administration set a record with more than 45 million people visiting its 1,300 field offices last year. […]

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Criticisms from Field Office Staff

This one is worth reading through – a statement by the head of the Union representing staff in Social Security Field offices about the new options for filing and appealing online: “Commissioner Astrue has testified that iClaims are more accurate than claims taken by SSA employees. What he is not telling Congress is that ALL […]

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