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Want to Comment on Proposed Changes to SSA’s Drug and Alcohol Disability Regulations?

REMINDER:  FILE COMMENTS ON SSA DAA POLICY BY TUESDAY, MARCH 30   SSA has published a notice in the Federal Register “requesting your comments about our operating procedures for determining disability for persons whose drug addiction or alcoholism (DAA) may be a contributing factor material to our determination of disability.”  75 Fed. Reg. 4900 (Jan. […]

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Health Care Debate Echos FDR Era

During the debate on Social Security during FDR’s first term, FDR was buffeted by liberals who wanted a more generous, European-style dole system, and Republicans, who wanted no such program. Together, they threatened to derail what FDR considered a core component of the New Deal. The compromise — a self-financed program that vested at retirement, […]

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Women Kept Social Security Afloat

In today’s New York Times, it is noted that Social Security’s original architects did not anticipate a major advance in the 20th century: women’s progress in market work, and how that progress would fill Social Security’s coffers. Once they turn 62 years old, married people, widows and widowers are eligible for Social Security, regardless of […]

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