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What the Heck are Frozen Quarters?

If this sounds like something for coin collectors in Alaska, bear with us here… Ever you wonder why a person who is already receiving a private disability payment should apply for Social Security disability benefits, here are some facts. These other disability payments might be coming from workers compensation, the VA, a private long term […]

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Presumptive Benefits – A Blogger Checks the Details

A few weeks ago, prolific blogger Justin Hayford at the Chicago AIDS Legal Council ( posted a terrific article on how to get presumptive benefits when applying for Social Security disability. This means that they give you your benefits NOW, and verify the medical records later. As you can imagine, it is reserved for serious […]

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The Backlogs: Not Getting Better, 10% Increase in Claims

Today’s San Jose Mercury writes that “the Social Security Disability Insurance system (SSDI) is crumbling under the pressure of a substantial disabled population, shrinking budgets and a wave of agency retirements. Social Security employees work as hard as they can to help people who deserve care, but their best efforts aren’t putting a dent in […]

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AARP Provides a Great Summary of Disability Benefits

AARP has provided a great summary of Social Security disability benefits. For most U.S. workers and their families, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides protection against a key source of economic insecurity-the loss of earnings due to disability. Today, 9.3 million Americans-disabled workers, their spouses, and dependent children-rely on SSDI to replace lost wages. This […]

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Astrue Laments State Layoffs Affecting Disabled

The New York Times joins the chorus of voices rising about layoffs by state governors. The governors need to slash budgets, but some of the jobs cut impact people on or applying for disability benefits: “The nation’s top Social Security official says benefits for tens of thousands of people with severe disabilities are being delayed […]

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Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid

Today’s Huffington Post has a great article on the differences between Medicare and Medicaid – this is often a point of confusion for people applying for Social Security disability. People granted Social Security benefits are eligible for federal Medicare after the first 24 months of checks. Medicaid is a state program, sometimes called something different […]

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Coming Home” is an investigative series about U.S. Army troops who have returned from Iraq. Salon national correspondent Mark Benjamin and Colorado-based journalist Michael de Yoanna have looked into inadequate medical care and preventable deaths among returned soldiers. Salon writes today: “Late last month, the Army announced data showing the highest suicide rate among soldiers […]

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States Economize, Victimizing Disabled

In Today’s New York Times, a litany of problems created by the economy. Budget cuts now for health care will create deeper costs later: “Battered by the recession and the deepest and most widespread budget deficits in several decades, a large majority of states are slicing into their social safety nets — often crippling preventive […]

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