Archive | October, 2006

Privatization Plan is BA-A-ACK

“The administration’s plan failed in 2005 because people saw through the smoke and mirrors,” said Council President Witold Skwierczynski. “The president’s plan called for significant cuts in benefits for seniors and our children. Once people realized this, they rejected the administration’s proposal out of hand…” See full story here:

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Other Disability Coverage and Social Security Benefits

If someone should meet the criteria for both Social Security and other disability benefit programs, this is what the law states: • Disability payments from private insurance plans do not affect your Social Security disability benefits. • Also, if you receive Social Security disability benefits and Veterans Administration benefits, your Social Security benefit will not […]

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Is Social Security a Rip-Off?

The popular online finance column “The Motley Fool” is weighing in on privatization of Social Security – “The most important thing that this model leaves out is the fact that Social Security benefits don’t just go to you. In addition to your own retirement benefits, your spouse may receive retirement benefits based on your earnings […]

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